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Very Low Risk

Safe. Compatible. Minimal risk for breastfeeding and infant.

At latest update no relevant data on this subject were found in connection with breastfeeding, however, its low systemic absorption rate with a high plasma protein-binding capacity makes that excretion into breast milk may be very unlikely.

Experts on this field consider topical, oral or inhaled steroids compatible with breastfeeding.

At usual dose of oral, inhaled (nasal or pulmonary) or dermatologic preparations are used, absorption is very low with non-significant levels achieved in plasma serum.

Whenever a treatment for eczema or dermatitis of the nipple is required, the least potent preparation should be used. Apply after a breast feed to let it to disappear before the next feed. Clear out excess of cream with a gauze when indicated. Avoid continuous use for longer than a week.

Steroid toxicity has occurred in an infant after continuous use of steroidal cream on the nipple.

Avoid use of creams, gels and other topical medication containing paraffin (petroleum-derived mineral oil) in order to avoid the risk of absorption by the child.


We do not have alternatives for Fluticasone since it is relatively safe.

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Other names

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Variable Value Unit
Oral Bioavail. 1 (oral); 18 (inhal) %
Molecular weight 500 daltons
Protein Binding 91 -99 %
VD 4.2 l/Kg
Tmax 0.25 - 1 hours
7.8 hours


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