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Bismuth Salicylate

Likely Compatibility

Fairly safe. Mild or unlikely adverse effects. Compatible under certain circumstances. Follow-up recommended. Read Commentary.

Bismuth salicylate contains about 60% bismuth and 40% salicylate.  It is used against gastritis and diarrhea. Oral administration

At latest update no published data on excretion into breast milk were found.

A very small amount of bismuth is absorbed from the gut: ≈ 0.1% (Tora 2020, Chen 2010, Boertz 2009, Dresow 1992, Nwokolo 1990: Bismuth is not absorbed into the systemic circulation of the mother, so it cannot be excreted in breast milk.

Salicylate is well absorbed (Nwokolo 1990), but is excreted in breast milk in negligible amounts, and the infant receives a relative dose of 1% (see Aspirin) and no cases of Reye's syndrome have been reported after taking bismuth salicylate or other non-acetylated salicylate compounds.

Due to the otherwise minimum risk of Reye's syndrome and the indiscriminate use of bismuth subsalicylate for treatment of gastroenteritis cannot be justifiable since most of gastroenteritis do not require medication instead a simply adequate hydration, a safer alternative should be desirable while breastfeeding. (Chen 2010, Nice 2000) 

See below the information of these related products:

  • Aspirin (Fairly safe. Mild or unlikely adverse effects. Compatible under certain circumstances. Follow-up recommended. Read Commentary.)
  • Bismuth salts (not salicylate) (Safe substance and/or breastfeeding is the best option.)


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Variable Value Unit
Oral Bioavail. Bi: < 1 - Salic: 80 %
Molecular weight 362 daltons
Protein Binding Bi: 90 - Salic: 70 - 95 %


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