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Laser Rays

Very Low Risk

Safe. Compatible. Minimal risk for breastfeeding and infant.

The thought that any type of laser-ray (Alexandrite, Diode, Neodymium - ruby or YAG) is incompatible with breastfeeding, is not based on scientific facts.

Irritation and possible local infection secondary to the use of laser should warn you for not using it in the chest area or take specific precautions.

The previous application of anesthetic creams over large areas of skin for pain can be a cause of meta-hemoglobin (see tabs EMLA, lidocaine or prilocaine).

Various Societies of Dermatology consider Laser-ray epilation as safe procedures during lactation.
The application of laser-ray to treat post-cesarean wound does not have effect on prolactin levels and the success of breastfeeding.
Laser-ray has been used for the treatment of nipple pain and mastitis without untoward effects on child or lactation.

Suggestions made at e-lactancia are done by APILAM team of health professionals, and are based on updated scientific publications. It is not intended to replace the relationship you have with your doctor but to compound it. The pharmaceutical industry contraindicates breastfeeding, mistakenly and without scientific reasons, in most of the drug data sheets.

Jose Maria Paricio, Founder & President of APILAM/e-Lactancia

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