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Colloidal silver

Limited compatibility

Unsafe. Moderate/severe adverse effects. Compatible under certain circumstances. Follow-up recommended. Use safer alternative or discontinue breastfeeding from 5 to 7 T ½ . Read Commentary.

Silver is a metal with antibacterial properties that is used topically as a metal or as silver salts or compounds. It is also a colorant (E174) used in baking. Silver compounds used in medicine are, among others, silver nitrate, silver protein, colloidal silver and silver sulfadiazine

Silver protein is used as an ophthalmic, nasal, otic and skin antiseptic and contains up to 8% silver. Colloidal forms of silver protein contain up to 80% silver. There are people who take silver orally pretending without any basis to improve their health or combat various diseases.

As of the time of the last update, we found no published data on the excretion of silver in breast milk.

Less than 4% of silver is absorbed transcutaneously and its oral bioavailability is less than 10%.. (Lansdown 2010)

Silver is toxic when there is chronic excessive oral exposure. There is no evidence that ingestion of silver in protein or colloidal form has any positive health effects (Mayo C 2022) and there is evidence that it can be toxic, causing argyria, with skin discoloration, hepatotoxicity, cardiomyopathy and neurotoxicity with amnesia and incoherent speech. (Stjernbrandt 2023, Chow 2022, Mayo C 2022, Mota 2021, Kwon 2009, Mirsattari 2004)

The ingestion of silver in protein or colloidal form is not recommended, especially during breastfeeding.

Topical use of silver solutions as an antiseptic is compatible with breastfeeding.

See below the information of these related products:

  • Silver Nitrate (Safe substance and/or breastfeeding is the best option.)
  • Sulfadiazine Silver (Fairly safe. Mild or unlikely adverse effects. Compatible under certain circumstances. Follow-up recommended. Read Commentary.)


We do not have alternatives for Colloidal silver.

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Molecular weight 170 daltons


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