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Baking Soda

Very Low Risk

Safe. Compatible. Minimal risk for breastfeeding and infant.

It is contained in preparations used for treatment of excessive gastric acidity, oral rehydration solutions and fluids for intravenous use that aim the correction of acute metabolic acidosis. Also used for long-standing treatment of chronic metabolic acidosis due to kidney malfunction.

Oral bicarbonate solutions neutralize gastric acidity with production of Carbon Dioxide. The rest is absorbed by the gut. In the plasma, bicarbonate is kept at normal physiological range, with the excess eliminated by the kidney.

Epithelial cells of the mammary gland regulate the entrance of sodium and bicarbonate into the mother's milk, with little effect on milk composition due to diet (Ereman 1987).

Bicarbonate and other antacids do not concentrate in breast milk and are considered safe during breastfeeding (Mahadevan 2006).

Bicarbonate decreases secretion of Prolactin in cases of secondary Hyperprolactinemia due to metabolic acidosisinduced by exercise, but does not affect production of the milk (Rojas 2006).

WHO Model List of Essential Medicines 2002: compatible with breastfeeding (WHO 2002).

Sodium and potassium acetates, sodium and potassium citrates and sodium lactate, after absorption are metabolized to bicarbonate.

See below the information of these related products:

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We do not have alternatives for Baking Soda since it is relatively safe.

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Other names

Baking Soda is also known as Sodium bicarbonate. Here it is a list of alternative known names::

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Variable Value Unit
Molecular weight 84 daltons


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