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Mild risk possible. Follow up recommended.
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The L-enantiomer of sulpiride with similar characteristics, effects and pharmacokinetic properties as sulpiride (Gupta 2007, Mucci 1995).
Sulpiride is an antipsychotic, antidepressant, antiemetic, prokinetic and selective dopamine antagonist that increases prolactin levels.

Levosulpiride is sold in few countries and is more commonly used as a prokinetic than an antipsychotic in functional gastrointestinal disorders such as dyspepsia, gastric pain and nausea at doses lower than those of sulpiride (Singh 2015, Lozano 2007, Salvat 2007, Corazza 1996, Mangiameli 1994).
Oral administration in three doses a day.

Since the last update we have not found published data on its excretion in breastmilk, but its pharmacokinetics are similar to that of sulpiride (Gong 2014), which is excreted in possibly significant amounts in breastmilk.

Like sulpiride, it also has a low oral bioavailability (Xu 2015, Salvat 2007), which hinders its transfer into infant plasma from breastmilk, except in premature infants and the immediate neonatal period when there may be greater intestinal permeability.

It presents potentially serious side effects such as parkinsonism and other abnormal movements (Mishra 2019, Desai 2018, Choudhury 2017, Mathew 2017, Shin 2009), neuroleptic malignant syndrome, prolactin increase and galactorrhea (Kuchay 2017, Lozano 2007, Mucci 1995), so that its use as a prokinetic and as a galactogogue is very debatable.

For more details please consult the entry for sulpiride.

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Variable Value Unit
Oral Bioavail. 23,4 %
Molecular weight 341 daltons
Protein Binding 40 %
VD 2,1 - 2,5 l/Kg
Tmax 3 hours
T1/2 4,3 - 7 hours


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