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For breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the healthiest phenomenon for babies and mothers in every time and place. Very few situations justify its contraindication.

More than medications

Medical prescriptions, phytotherapy (plants), homeopathy and other alternative products, cosmetic and medical procedures, contaminants, maternal and infant diseases and more

Made by pediatricians for everyone

Indications of e-lactancia are made by the prediatricians of APILAM so you can easily find the information you need

Lactancia materna sin obstáculos

El imprescindible papel de las mujeres y de los grupos de apoyo en la promoción de la cultura de la lactancia. Propuestas para derribar los obstáculos actuales.

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APILAM recommends

You are the Best Mother in the World. In this book, José María Paricio shares 4 decades of professional knowledge of pediatrics, parenting and breastfeeding.

The book examines key aspects of parenting from pregnancy to three years of age (please note, this book is currently only available in Spanish)

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Riesgos de no amamantar: ecológicos, económicos y de salud

Con motivo de la Semana Mundial de la lactancia materna, publicamos un artículo que destaca los riesgos de no amamantar y lo clave que es la lactancia para el desarrollo sostenible.

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Institutions that recommend the use of e-lactancia